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Name: melissa
Age: 13
Location: niagara falls, new york

Do you own any Nirvana c.d's/posters/shirts? If so
which ones? cds: nirvana (that's the title of the cd), mtv unplugged in n.y., nevermind, bleach, in utero posters: i hate myself and i want to die, a "forever 27" poster with a blend of different faces (jimi hendrix, etc.) and kurt's on the top of the poster shirts: one with an orange pic of nirvana, one with kurt and a microphone

What is your favorite Nirvana song? on a plain Why? i can relate to the song very well, and i like it in general
What is your opinion of Courtney Love? i think she's a little bit wack and behaves wrong sometimes, but i don't like when people bash her. i mean, she knows she's a mother, and "when she falls, she gets back up" if you know what i mean..
What do you think about his death? it makes me sad, loves. i think grunge basically died with kurt. the kids who were faced with the same emotional odreals kurt had looked up to him, because he could put all of the emotions into words..i think some people felt betrayed when he died.

If you have a favorite picture(s) of Kurt/Nirvana
please add them here: don't know how to add pics..but i'd post a bunch if i did!

Anything else you would like to add,add here: nothin :]
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