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This is an offbeat post(but hey, I'm an offbeat person anyway!)

I already put this in my LJ, but it is Nirvana/Kurt related, and I think this is funny. Last year, my friend had this dream that he and I were at this private Nirvana concert out in this field. My friend and I were the only people there as the audience, and then my asshole ex boyfriend comes out in this chicken outfit(maybe the outfit represents his being a coward who acts all macho to cover up his insecurity), and then Nirvana and my friend and I start throwing pennies at him. It's pretty funny! Maybe if my friend didn't wake up, Kurt would've ended up kicking my ex's ass! That would've been cool! But the dream was also cool because my friend and I never got the chance to see Nirvana live, so it was cool we got to see them live in my friends' dream.
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