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I'm sorry this is late. I forgot to do this!

Name: Loreley 

 Age: 23 

Location: Warren 

Do you own any Nirvana c.d's/posters/shirts? Yes If so which ones? I own Bleach,Nevermind, Incesticide, and In Utero, I own three Nirvana T-shirts, one with Kurt on it-the picture is blue and he's with his guitar, one with a  black and white picture-one with Kurt on it and it says Teenager on it, and the one that just says Nirvana in silver on the front, and I have some pictures of Kurt and Nirvana too from various magazines. 

What is your favorite Nirvana song? Why? Dive, and Serve the Servants, I can relate to them. 

What is your opinion of Courtney Love? She's talented in her own right, I also do like Hole. 

What do you think about his death? It sucks that he's not here to rock this world anymore! 

If you have a favorite picture(s) of Kurt/Nirvana please add them here Anything else you would like to add,add here

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