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KDC rocks my ears off

Name: Claire
Age: 13
Location: Santa Monica, Californyuh

Do you own any Nirvana c.d's/posters/shirts? If so
which ones?
Yeah, I have Nevermind, In the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah, Unplugged in NY, Best of, the box set, and I think I have In Utero on casette or something; I have 2 posters and no shirts
What is your favorite Nirvana song? Why? I like Plateau a lot and Something in the Way 'cause I can play it on the bass and it's a kick ass song
What is your opinion of Courtney Love? I don't really know a lot about her, but I doubt that she killed him..she sounds like quite a bitch, though I'm not sure what Kurt saw in her
What do you think about his death? I think he killed himself 'cause he had a bad drug problem, fucked up life, and I would be depressed if I'd been kicked out of my house and lived under a bridge for a while, so yeah, he probably killed himself. Though I wish he were still alive--he was an amazing musician.

If you have a favorite picture(s) of Kurt/Nirvana
please add them here
I don't have any on me, sorry.

Anything else you would like to add,add here
Uh, I dressed up as Kurt for Halloween in 6th was pretty cool
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